An Overview of Issues-Centered Education

You’ve Got Issues . . . You just didn’t know it!

An Overview of the Issues-Centered Education Community’s NCSS Conference Session

  1. What is issues-centered education? What are the implications of this approach?
  2. What are some of the important and enduring issues?
  3. What is a probing question?
  4. What are some key curricular guidelines/frameworks for this approach?
  5. What would make someone want to choose this approach?
  6. How does a teacher create a reflective classroom climate?
  7. What are some effective strategies for issues-centered education? (models for the reflective process/examples)
  8. Are materials available? What? Where?
  9. How might a course or the curriculum be organized differently using this approach?
  10. Any cautions/obstacles? Why hasn’t it caught on? Questions?

For discussion of these questions see . . .  You’ve Got Issues  (pdf)